What are your opinions on the final exams?

Students and faculty voice their thoughts about the upcoming final exams.

Utku K., sophomore

Utku K., sophomore

“I don’t think they actually reflect our true potential, and we don’t need them.” — Utku, sophomore

“Final exams shouldn’t happen as students have enough stress on them throughout the course of the school year.” — Minaa, sophomore

“Yes; finals do benefit students because it helps them prepare for colleges and the stress that goes with that.” — Michael, freshman

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Nishaath, Junior

“Honestly, it’s a little bit stressful for me because I have AP exams, and then the SATs, and then the final exams — mock exams as well — all in the same time block.” — Nishaath, junior

“I think the final exams are beneficial to students because we get an insight of how exams actually look, and that will help us in uni.” — Jennifer, senior

“No; they cause too much stress, and then everyone’s worried, and everyone hates themselves, and it’s just lots of crying, and lots of screaming, and lots of failing.” — Lujain, freshman

“I think final exams are a wonderful addition to the school’s curriculum, but they are not the best way to assess student learning, because, essentially, for an exam, you need to memorize a lot of information. Once you take the exam, you forget this information. Therefore, you’re not learning anything; you’re just memorizing and forgetting.” — Feras, junior

“I don’t think they should be there for AP classes, because we just have the AP exams, and then it’s final exams, but for other classes it’s okay. For classes like P.E. or art or something, I don’t understand how that would happen.” — Nida, junior

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10 high school students from each grade were surveyed.

“I don’t think it shows the students’ true potential.” — Danyal, sophomore

“We study some stuff in the beginning, and we study some stuff at the end; it doesn’t make sense to have all of that as, like, an accumulative exam at the end.” — Ismail, freshman

I think finals are an accurate representation of what a student’s progress is throughout a school year, if implemented properly. ”

— Jabran, junior

“It’s good that the school started doing finals, because even though we don’t like it, in, like, universities and stuff … they always do finals, like, everywhere [there are going to] be finals, so it’s good preparation.” — Aiba, sophomore

“Finals will only benefit students that wish to pursue a certain subject on further in life, because it will show interest and understanding of a yearlong course. Otherwise, I find them to be useless and waste of time.” — Marcel, senior

“I think it’s good that we are encouraging students to study and continue learning even after the AP exams, but I feel like final exams should only be applied to non-AP classes.”— Aqil, senior

MS/HS Principal Alex Pethan

“Summative assessments will help you prepare on consolidating a large amount of knowledge. Also, having them with a certain amount of time period will help you be able to process more quickly [and] be able to make connections. The preparation involved will [also] help you with time management.” — Mr. Pethan, MS/HS principal

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