Talents Shown at MPR


Photo Credits: Aqil F and Suvidhi B.

A range of different middle school and high school students and faculty performed in “Staged” on Wednesday,March 23rd from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the multi purpose room.

The event was hosted by Mr.Proulx, the chorus teacher at ISG Jubail. Faculty members and a range of different students from the middle school and high school and high school participated. Chelsea A. (grade 9) sang “Someone Like You” by Adele, and Proulx and Grace B. (grade 6) covered “The House of the Rising Sun” originally sung by The Animals. Oishika P. (Grade 10) and  Mridula K. (Grade 9) performed  Bollywood dances. Mridula K. (Grade 9) sang. Feras A. (Grade 11) and Mridula K. (Grade 9) also sang. Jinha H. in grade 11 sang a couple of songs. Aqil F. (Grade 12), Aiman (Grade 10), Mridula M. (Grade 9) sang and performed on the guitar. Bihnawa R. and Batt S. in grade 9 break danced and sang hiphop. Lastly, Minna H. (Grade 10) performed stand up comedy.

Proulx said that the talent show was essential to ISG Jubail because he thinks “it’s important to get students connected. We talk about something called student connectedness, and it means that students feel part of a community.” Proulx said he wants to create “a place where students can come and show their talent to others in this safe environment”.



Mr.Lucky, one of the judges says that “[the talent show] was a success. I was happy to see so many students, and a few teachers, willing to perform before an audience. It takes a lot of courage to get up before an audience. I applaud anyone who has the courage to do that.”