Fools Coming to a School Theater Near You


Humza B., Editor

The drama department will perform “Fools,” a comedy written by Neil Simon, on May 30-31.  

The play takes place in Ukraine, where the people of a small rural village have lost all senses of intelligence due to a curse placed on them 200 years earlier. The townspeople are driven to rely on a school teacher who is determined to extinguish this curse in order to obtain the love of a precious significant other, who he feels has made him more intelligent. “Fools” is a peculiar mix of romance and comedy.

The play will be directed by Ms. Lorelei Loveridge. She is a director with over 30 years of experience of directing. She also directed a play at the beginning of the year called “Inside These Gates.”

Ms. Lorelei Loveridge director of Fools
Ms. Lorelei Loveridge director of Fools

 The play was about life at ISG Jubail and the ups and downs of being a  student there. There was a lot of positive feedback about that show, according to Ms Loveridge.  



However, the auditions for “Fools” were shaky, according to Ms. Loveridge, and were extended because not enough students were coming to the auditions, or they were losing interest in being in the play over time. As a result, not many people showed up. Since few high school students came to the auditions, the cast is mostly middle school students , and they are a lively, hilarious .and committed bunch.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.02.09 PM (1) copy
Fools cast rehearsing in the drama room.

Still the drama department has ambitions for this play. “There is no room in [the drama room] for a backdrop … We will have a stage and a set design and it [is] anticipated that it will be made of wood and it will be painted,” said Ms. Loveridge. There are also parents helping with costumes and doing the set design along with the custodial staff and Mr. Rein, the Director of Operations at   ISG Jubail.

When asked why she picked this play, Ms.Loveridge said: “I think it’s funny … My grandmother is from the Ukraine, so I feel entitled as a quarter Ukrainian person to poke a little fun at my culture, the Ukrainian culture … The characters themselves will be very interesting.”