“What do You think makes a good student?”


Ahmed Ibrahim, Editor

Summa Cum Laude!

What does this phrase mean to you? This phrase roughly means a 4.0 or above, in the language Latin.

This phrase may mean that you are a good student to administrators, but what do you think makes a good student to you?

In my opinion a good student, is made up of community service, someone passionate, and has great motivation. According to, Mr.Wilkens (H.S. Teacher) “[A good student] is one who is willing to take risks and one who tries something they might fail at and giving their full 100 percent at all times.”

Community Service is important for students because, students would be able to become more of a leader. Also, it is possible that people involved in community service are better at communicating with a team. According to a study by United Health Group 94 percent of people who have volunteered within the past year have improved their mood. Aiman H. (Grade 10)  says “What I think makes a good student is one whom never gives up anything even if they fail, they still have persistence”.

Another factor of importance for students is a true passion for learning. A true passion for learning is important because, if you do not have the desire to learn then why go to school as a whole. Also, passion in school is essential because, if you find a couple of topics you are enthusiastic about then school would start to become more enjoyable instead of making school tedious and boring. Lastly, passion is important because if you think of school less like a chore and more your future you are likely able to become more enthusiastic.

The last importance in school is someone who has great motivation. Motivation is important because, it will allow students to reach particular goal if they set there mind to it and stick with it. Also because, if a student has motivation then once they complete there goal they will have a sense of pride in themselves and that would obviously make anyone feel good about themselves. The last reason why motivation is essential in school is because it will increase your effort in school and the amount of energy you will devote to a project or homework.