Meet JJ the mascot

JJ the Jaguar, our new mascot

JJ the Jaguar, our new mascot

Anna O.


In late October, ISG welcomed JJ the Jaguar, the school mascot. This is the first mascot our school has had since it was founded in 1978 — back when it was called, Jubail Academy. JJ was made to be a Jaguar with human characteristics. The Jaguar is an obvious reference to our school’s logo that depicts a prowling Jaguar, and sports team, he Jubail Jaguars. JJ first made an appearance during a friendly tournament with ISG Dammam in September. Soon after, JJ made a bigger appearance during The school´s pep rally.  The school got a proper chance to greet JJ. 

JJ the Jaguar, our new mascot

Although JJ has only made three rather brief appearances–these are the tournament, the pep rally and the teacher/student volleyball friendly–, it seems as if the school has taken a shine to our newfound mascot.

Mrs. Timm has taught at ISG for 33 years and throughout the years has been a physical education teacher and a coach for a number of sports. A respected member of our community, Mrs. Timm confirmed to us that ISG had never had a mascot before in its 38-year existence.  We wanted to know what she thought of JJ the mascot.

JJ the Jaguar was set up by the Paw Pride team at the beginning of this school year. It is only right to have a word with the team responsible for this small yet pivotal next step in the building of ISG Jubail spirit.  On Nov. 7, 2016, Anna O. got the chance to interview Chelsea A., who rather shyly allowed us to call her a prominent figure within Paw Pride and the ISG community. 






A:How long have you been a member of Paw Pride?

C: Since it started.

A: Why did you join Paw Pride?

C:Because I was recruited and because it is fun to spread cheer throughout our school.

A: What does Paw Pride mean to you?

C: Paw Pride is something that unites everyone in our school through activities where everyone has the chance to interact with each other. It’s fun. Hella fun.

A: What do you think of JJ the Jaguar?

C: oh, JJ is very fun.

A: Why do you think the school needs a mascot?

C: To have a trademark. JJ is very vibrant and fun and that reflects on who the students are.

A: Is the identity of JJ the Jaguar confidential?

C: CONFIDENTIAL…forever and ever and ever.

A: So what characteristics does JJ possess?

C: He is vibrant, he is joyful, he is open minded, he doesn’t judge…I MEAN HE OR SHE!

A: Is JJ athletic? Do they love sports?

C: They are athletic! They love all sports because JJ is a mascot.

A: What does JJ the Jaguar mean to our school?

C: JJ is a symbol of how we are all friendly and that we can all unite and welcome everyone. JJ can just make people feel comfortable.

A:My final question to you is, what effect will JJ have on our school?

C: JJ will help everyone become more alive. Our school has been sort of boring and so JJ makes our school more lively.