Welcome, Jubailosaurus!

KG1B and 5B Big Buddies Collaborate and Get Creative

Welcome, Jubailosaurus!

All photos courtesy of Cabbie Rein


KG1B students meet with their Big Buddies from Grade 5B on Day 3 of the elementary schedule. During their time together, they plan activities where the KG1B students work with a buddy from the grade 5B class. The last project for these Big and Little Buddies was to create a dinosaur out of trash. By combining the KG1B theme of Dinosaurs Roar with the use of recycled trash, students had to plan, build and name a dinosaur by working collaboratively with each other. This is what went into the project.

The Project

1. KG1B decided on a two-legged dinosaur with a boxy body and long tail. Students then decided which part of the dinosaur they would like to design.


2. Grade 5B joined their Little Buddies, and the teams discussed and decided what their part of the dinosaur would look like, sketching and planning out their thoughts.

3. The four teams collected clean trash and began to work out how they would create their part of the dinosaur. Considerations had to be made for skills of both age groups and problems needed to be solved, such as the following:

  • How are the different pieces of trash going to be held together?
  • What are the Little Buddies able to do?
  • How do you translate a 2-D hand-drawn picture into a 3-D object?

As much as possible needed to be done in one 45-minute period, so there was a buzz of activity going on!

Working on the design of legs and feet


Working on the design of the tail


Working on the design of the head


Working on the design of the body

 4. KG1B students discussed possible colors for the dinosaur, and after making a list of suggestions, they had to vote on the color of their choice. Green it was!

5. The 5B Big Buddies returned for a double period a few days later to begin to cover their part of the dinosaur in paper and glue, which was made from flour and water. Once this was done, students painted it and added glitter — an essential component of kindergarten activities! 😃

Here are pictures of the teams adding paper to secure the parts, then painting it green.

Legs and feet







6. Glitter was added once everything was painted green (with white glue added to the paint for strength) and then the parts were left to dry in the sun. Fifth-grade students returned the next morning to add final details and join the parts together.

7. Finally the teams could celebrate their hard work!

8. One last step was to name our dinosaur. After taking suggestions from the Big and Little Buddy partners, there were very creative suggestions, so the buddies voted …

9. Welcome to ISG … Jubailosauraus!