The Short Short Play Festival.

High school drama students showcase the Short Short Play Fest

“Theatre doesn’t last. Only is people’s memories and in their hearts. That’s the beauty and sadness of it. But that’s life Beauty and sadness. And that’s why theater is life. ”      —Unknown


Students, teachers, parents and kids gathered to watch eleven performances as student performers in grades 9-12 creatively took the spotlight with their confidence, humor, and acting on Monday night, March 27. Their hard work,  determination, and applaudable collaboration paid off with a laughing audience.

The theater filled with high school students performing confidently. Four judges intensively judged students to be recognized for their contributions to the play festival. The judges were deciding for the best actor/actress, best play, and best supporting actor/actress.

During intermission one of the judges, Mr. McLean, said, “It’s interesting to see students explore different issues. It was impressive. They’ve all been great. They have tackled many diverse issues as well.”

                                                                               Some of the plays that were comedic were “I Can Tell Your Handbag is Fake”, “Today’s Special”, and “Razed by Wolves”. The performers’ amusing comedy in won the hearts of parents and teachers, as chuckles and laughter swept across the silent, dark theater. “The Midnight Murder”, “The Waiting Room”, and “Sleeping Giant, a.k.a., A New Dawn” were some plays that were dramatic. Those plays filled the air with slow and high music in the background, the digital lights spotlighting the performers on the stage, adding to the mood.


Another guest, Mr. Wingers, present at the drama Short Short Play Fest said, “It is nice to see students find their voices outside of the classroom in a creative manner.”

The judges watched the performances closely with a writing utensil and a rubric in hand.  Apparently, the performances were worth watching. Judge’s’ instinctive expressions and lively faces lightened up with joy.


Talking with Mrs. Mousumi Pal at the end of the performances of the Short Short Play Fest, she said, “I liked all the plays. The costumes were creative, and I enjoyed the comedy. All the actors and actresses were confident and presented with no hesitation.”


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