A Final Wave of Goodbye to Our Dearest — The Timms

One of the things that set ISG Jubail apart from the rest, was the community that had settled within. There were two teachers, however, who had given 33 years of their lives to ISG Jubail; each year filled with their guidance, support, contributions and love, and now, they are taking off


Yusra M., Editor


 A Photo taken by Aiba Malek, Habitat for Humanity, Srilanka                                                                                                                                                                      

One of the things that set ISG Jubail apart from the rest, was the community that had settled within. There were two teachers, however, who had given 33 years of their lives to ISG Jubail; each year filled with their guidance, support, contributions and love, and now, they are taking off.

The Timms have not only shaped our school but have made a soft corner in everyone’s heart. Whether it’s a rigorous mile run, an intuitive history skit, or even climbing to the top of the rock climbing wall, as students we could never have had better teachers. As students, we have had the privilege to attain guidance, knowledge, and self-motivation from them. The Timms haven’t just been teachers to us, they have played a role of parents, friends, mentors, supporters, and counselors.

“I’m really sad about the Timms leaving. They have been very influential in my time here ever since 7th grade I had Mr. and Mrs. Timm as a teacher. One thing that they’ve definitely taught me that I’ll definitely take with me is trying new things and being adventurous, not being bogged down when you make a mistake, and trying again.” Cameron Smith- Gr.10


Being taught by the Timms, one should really consider themselves lucky, privileged and blessed. They haven’t only excelled in being a teacher, but their guidance allows one to have a different and better perspective of life.


I’ve had the Timms ever since I have got into Junior High School around 7 years ago.Their least favorite word is boring, and they never want to you to say that or hear that. From that, they have taught me that to never be bored, that you control how you feel about certain things. I’m glad I was blessed enough for them to be here my entire time in high school and middle school just as I am walking out the doors so shall they.”  Jabran Khan-Gr.12  


Mr. Timms Problem Solving class always offered much more than just solving math problems. Whether it’s tying a figure 8 knot, or finding the circumference of a cone, or even baking the most ultimate and delectable pie. Problem-solving was a class which made one realize their strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome them.


Mrs. Timm and Mr. Timm have helped us, as an ISG community, realize how to be passionate about what we do, and the fact that stressing or having fear simply eats your brain. Their endless efforts, contributions, and presence have truly shaped our school to become what it is today. No other teacher could ever have taught Social Studies better than Mrs.Timm. Having her as a teacher one had the opportunity to learn in an interactive and fun way, which helped all grasp information better. Having them as teachers were the best experience in our lives, which makes them truly unforgettable and very dearly missed.
As Dr. Seuss said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, SMILE because it happened.”   



A word from the Timms

“It’s a teacher utopia”


The Timms have taught students from different corners of the world. They have seen them grow into becoming better students and humans. They acknowledge the various cultures and admire everyone’s uniqueness.   


“Most unique thing about this school is the diversity and the talents of the students, the fact like it’s sort of like a model united nations, everybody brings a lot of positive aspects from their own individual cultures. You get somebody from India, Somebody from Pakistan, Some from Germany, some from Korea, and China and they all are in the same room, and they get to know each other and get to be friends and it’s a stimulatory environment and for that reason” Mr. Timm


It’s not too easy to bid farewell to the Timms as they have spent 33 years of their lives, devoted to teaching at ISG. The Timms have found a home in Jubail. When asked how they feel about leaving, as they said….

“ It’s such a huge part of our life, It’s really hard for me to talk about it, it has been such a huge part of our life. I’m not happy about leaving, I’ve enjoyed it here. I’m looking forward to the next chapter whatever that brings. You never really think you are as old as you are viewed by others. It’s a difficult reality to say, -Oh you’re too old to do that-. We don’t feel old, but the perception of the outside world is that we are. Especially when you look at the age and the things you bump up against.” Mrs. Timm

The Timms love, support, motivation, enthusiasm, and determination impacts one in becoming a better student, and most importantly a better human. The life lessons taught by the Timms will always remain with one no matter where they are they will always be remembered here at ISG Jubail. The Timms are irreplaceable, and our unconditional love for them will always last. The Timms have considered each student as equal. They have treated us as if we were their children.  Mrs. Timm

“We don’t have any children, we mark time differently than lots of other people. We see the same age students pretty much from 12 to 18 come in the door year after year. It’s almost like you haven’t changed, you haven’t aged because that’s who you interact with. You’re not marking time same as you would when you have children all of a sudden they are out of elementary school and into junior high. You can always interact with people that you have known by virtue of Facebook which is very positive.”

As they say, every good thing always comes to an end and so has our journey with the Timms. Although our paths will divert, the lessons taught by them will always remain with us. Bidding farewell is always a challenge, words never seem enough to express the gratitude, we obtain with ourselves for them. In life, valuable knowledge and lessons are scattered everywhere. All it takes is a good teacher to guide students where to look; to pull them out from any darkness that astray them from achieving success, and the Timms have definitely proven that by giving years at ISG. Saying “Good Bye” will be hard, hence “See you later” will be better in hope that our paths cross one day.




What has ISG taught you?

“The environment, coming from a small community in Northeast US, where experiences and attitudes are sometimes quite narrow. It’s a big world, with lots of diversity and variety that we should embrace that comes from students and the staff. The real beauty of this place is that there are so many students involved in so many different facets of school life and that opens them up for all sort of possibilities for their future. They don’t seem to be afraid to take a step off of a path and go on to another path. We’ve seen that with all kinds of students, and they are successful. They are not afraid to step out there and try something different. They really challenge the accepted wisdom, of who you are and who you should be.” Mrs. Timm


If not teacher what would you have become?

“Well, my first goal was to work with juvenile delinquents. I went to a counselor he said that “I don’t think you will get a lot of satisfaction, I think you should be a teacher” and so I did. I was never sorry, and he was right, I don’t know what he knew about me.”  Mrs.Timm

“It’s very simple, I was going to university in the height of the Vietnam war and people were being drafted -Forced into joining the military- I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I was thinking I was going to be a chemist, but I said I won’t do that. So then I got a degree in Math and History. Before my second to last year in university, I found out that if I went out and taught mathematics in an inner city a really poor school, in maybe Detroit or New York, that I would be given a draft deferment in teaching in a hardship area. I wouldn’t have to go join the military. I was philosophically against the war, I thought we were doing the wrong thing in Vietnam. This was a way for me to escape, in some ways am I proud of that.” Mr.Timm


How did you meet Mrs.Timm?

“We both had a locker on the first floor, her locker was next to mine. She moved to my high school when she was a junior. I payed no attention to her, I basically ignored her. First time I can really remember seeing her was when she came walking down the steps coming to her locker. She had a purple chin, she had fallen on her face and bruised her chin. I looked at her and thought That’s kinda interesting looking chin I thought it’s a tattoo. I started talking to her once in awhile, and then I took her to the senior prom. She went to Michigan state and I went to the University of Michigan, and we kept in touch and we kept seeing each other. After university we finally got married, we were together for 6 years before we got married.”  Mr.Timm



What is One thing you love about each other?

“I think he is one of the most accepting people that I have ever met, regardless of who you are. He also is somebody who works hard to identify one’s strengths and encourages you to push yourself to improve. He tries to guide one to become the best they can. He has many ways to bring light to a problem, I think he is an exceptional teacher in that regard.” Mrs. Timm


“She’s really tough, She has inner toughness. When it gets really nasty, she’ll still hang right in there. She has climbed some really high mountains with me. Things didn’t go right and she had to sleep outside, it was snowing the wind was blowing it was cold. No sleeping bag just huddled up in a place in a between a rock.She’s been working since 1970, she’s technically missed one day of work. She’s never missed a day of work when she’s supposed to be in class; whether it’s’ her father’s, or mother’s funeral.” Mr. Timm                  


What are your plans for the future

“First year I’m not going to teach I have some mountains in mind which I want to climb,

I’m not going to teach anymore actually.  I am 70 years old and I’m just going to do things that I have on my list.  Mrs. Timm might want to teach somewhere, who knows maybe I will do some stuff for a couple of years and decide that I want to teach, I want to climb some mountains I have in mind and go skiing in lots of places. I want to go visit lots of former students because many have become friends.” Mr. Timm


Did you know?

20,300 ft Mountain climbed by the Timms named Mt. Mckinley in Alaska

11,000 Km driven from Switzerland to Saudi and Saudi to Switzerland, they drove for 3 and half weeks, they drove for 16hrs a day, this happened about 21 years ago

40 countries visited by Mr. Timm

42 Km ran by Mr. Timm

100 stitches in Mr.Timms lifetime

160 Km walked by Mr. Timm without stopping in Greenland for 36 hrs.

200 times the Timm’s have been to Jannah an island right off of Jubail

200 times the Timm’s have been to Jannah an island right off of Jubail

210 Kilos picked up by Mr. Timm when he was 14 years old

12 years of age Mr. Timm began Scuba diving he was the first Scuba diver in Michigan,

Has owned 4 Dogs in his lifetime, and 2 parrots for 25 years, “Found it on the beach, it looked just kinda hungry and messed up, so I just brought it home”   

3.5 encounter with a Tiger shark.