NHS Hosts Successful Clothing Drive

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NHS Hosts Successful Clothing Drive

Nabeeha K., Editor

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The National Honor Society (NHS) held a clothing drive during the week of Sunday, March 26th to Thursday, March 30th. The clothes will be donated to an orphanage in Bahrain called Michelle Bailey’s Orphanage Charity.

According to Laura Timm, the NHS adviser, the drive was very successful and combined a bit of fun (the dressing up of one or more teacher volunteers) in order to give a bit of incentive for some donations.


NHS has four main pillars:, character, leadership scholarship, and service. NHS is an organization solely made for serving others. They are a student organization who are dedicated and committed students. Being an NHS member is a very big responsibility where commitments, dedication, determination, and discipline are very vital things.


Thus, NHS felt that they need to help out others outside of school, and with the help of ISG Jubail, they were able to donate around 1,000 items to the charity.

Meryum B. Secretary of NHS, said, “We saw that here … we have the lost and found and you have people who … don’t know where to give their excess clothes. Most places if you’re in the U.S. or outside of Saudi … people can donate their clothes to other places. Here it just seems there just sorta there sitting around and we asked around there was a lot of interest for this.”


NHS had been closely looking around for clothing drives near and far, and the one in Bahrain seemed like the perfect option for them, as it was close by, and the orphanage was willing to take more than just clothes for donation. Things like bedding materials, old toys, and books were also taken by the charity. As mentioned, around 1,000 items were donated. As of now only 500 were taken to the location by the vice president of NHS, Annie R., and her family over spring break. The other half will also soon be donated to the charity.


“Well, we actually looked at a bunch of different charities in Bahrain that were just giving out clothes, and we actually called up the lady. I called her, and basically, she told us all of the clothes, they go directly to the orphanage. The first thing we saw was that she was very devoted to her cause and second big thing
was she was taking clothes from basically anyone and everyone. They were giving out clothes to the laborers, which I think is really a big thing, and then to the kids, of course, at the orphanage,” Meryum B. said.


To make this event more fun and pleasant. For each item a student to donated they would then get a ticket. With that ticket, they would be able to pick from 14 teachers who volunteered to dress up. In the end, NHS will gather up all the tickets and see which teacher got voted for the most. Then that teacher will dress up for a whole entire day. We will find out hopefully sometime this month which teacher will be dressing up!

Meryum B. said, “Yes this would be NHS’ first clothing drive event ever. We have done some events in the past, but we haven’t done any specific like, ‘Come donate to us.’ We usually just donate money through events.”


Overall, this event was a very successful event and NHS hopes to have more. The NHS committee also enjoyed holding this clothing drive. Meryum B. overall enjoyed this event and was very shocked by the total outcome of this clothing drive.


Meryum said, “The amount of clothes we got was unbelievable. We had a girl who came in with 100 items of clothes, and it was honestly amazing. Mrs.Timm’s room was filled with clothes.”




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