ISG Students Visit Syrian Refugee Camp


Melissa M., Editor

A select number of students from a number of ISG Schools committed their spring break to visiting a Syrian refugee centre in Amman, Jordan, throughout the week of April 6-15.

Euimin P. poses for his yearbook photo.

Tenth grader Euimin P. and 14 other students of his Korean Christian Community Group held small musical performances for young Syrian teens aged 13-17, as well completed other services, such as painting walls.

“To be honest, my initial reason to go to Jordan was to hang out with my friends, but as I got there it changed,” Euimin said.

The majority of the duration of their stay, six days, was visiting the camps and hanging out with the children. The group had 5 performances, one at the local refugee church and the other four in a particular room within the camp.

“We played a selective amount of songs for them,” Euimin said. “We also performed a Muslim song, an Arabic song translated to English, ‘I Write My Name in This Letter’.”

The tranquil atmosphere seemed to have a calming effect towards everybody within the room.

Euimin (Second on the left) a long with other ISG students, preforming for the young refugees (Photograph courtesy of Eumin P.)

When coming over to the camps, Euimin assumed that because Jordan is a part of the Middle East, a predominantly Muslim nation, the population would mostly be Muslim. Euimin found it really fascinating to see a community of Christians coming from a country where many people have preconceived notions of Syria being a Muslim nation due to the conflict happening within that region involving the so-called “Islamic State”.

Although Euimin and his group went to Jordan for service-hour purposes, Eumin initially had no intention of adding these hours to his current graduate profile. However, after the outcome of the trip and returning back to Saudi, he is willing to reconsider.

“I don’t really have that many [service hours] right now, so maybe,” Eumin admitted.

President of the Syrian Refugee Camp Committee (SRCC) Feras A., had nothing but positive comments to say about the action taken by Eumin,


“The fact he could do what we couldn’t, even if it is as something as small as a performance, I’m very touched by that,” – Feras A.


The Syrian Refugee Camp Committee is a school-sponsored organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness about the current crisis happening in Syria. The premise of the SRCC is to support those, including Feras himself, who have been affected by the catastrophes of the Syrian Civil War. Many properties, homes, and businesses have been destroyed and lost. Due to the crippling economic conditions, many families have been forced to flee, and go separate ways in order to help provide support for one another.

“This needs all the support it can get, no matter how small,” Feras said.

If you would like to help, get involved, or donate to the SRCC, you can contact the President of SRCC, Feras A., via email at [email protected], or talk to one of the many active members of the committee.


Ahmed A.               Vice President  

Annie R.                 Head of Foreign Relations

Iman S.                   Committee Member

Shaezeen A.           Committee Member


All donations given to SRCC are donated to The Official Syrian Refugee Organization via The United Nations Children Funds (UNICEF)