Biology teacher plans to teach children in Africa

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Biology teacher plans to teach children in Africa

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Mr. Wilbert Passley is a born and proud Jamaican. Although his residency lingers in what he truly considers his hometown, Maryland in the United States, his heart remains in Jamaica, a land that is enriched with plenty of African culture, a piece of Africa in the Caribbean.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken in creative expression and knowledge”- Unknown .

Mr. Passley is venturing on a medical expedition in Africa, in the arid but beautiful lands of Ghana and Tanzania during the summer time.

He will be teaching in the areas of those countries where agriculture is a primary way of life. A school was recently established in Ghana, and his duty there will be to expand their agricultural and medical courses. His time there will last over a duration of a month, and he may extend his travels elsewhere in Africa, possibly in Kenya.

Mr. Passely has been teaching ever since he was 15 years of age. He started at a community school established by his aunt. He used his time after school hours to mentor students in mathematics, and from then onwards he excelled and earned his teaching certificate after years of study.


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”-Unknown

Mr. Passely started teaching at a community school at the age of 15 after school hours, and later in life earned his certificate as a teacher as an adult. He persisted in what he was good at (science and math), and wants to instill those skills in his students in Africa.



“One child one teacher, one pencil, one book can change the world.”
-Malala Yousafzai

Mr. Passley likes to cherish his teachings skills and implement them wherever he goes. After two years in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Passley has engaged his students through his teachings in ISG Jubail International School and left quite the impression.



“Humanity revolves around the notion of interaction that creates valuable experience.”
-Wilbert Passely
Mr. Passely believes that “the only thing we retain from life is our experiences.” He tries to cherish and create positive experiences and avoids the negative people. He trusts in the existence of God, and that He (God) plays a role in creation and Mr. Passley’s life. Mr. Passley proposes that “we are accountable of how we act with humans and the environment and how we treat it.” Therefore, such experiences in life (e.g., going to help educate students in Africa) are crucial for us to undertake if we’re capable of helping and benefiting others.



Other Perspectives
“My first impression of Mr. Passely was that he is of the good and approachable nature, but was firm in grading. After a year of being his student, my opinion has changed in one aspect: although his kindness is guaranteed, his grading in the end was fair, just like him, and I would much like to have him as a teacher again in any other science course. I will never forget the grotesque but most enjoyable experience in Mr. Passely’s class when we dissected frogs. I learned that science flourishes everywhere. I believe his principles and teachings benefitted me and will potentially as well. … I definitely see him voluntarily serving in Africa as he is a generous person and a person who has a humble and caring personality.”

“In my ninth-grade year I was looking forward to biology and was nervous when first seeing Mr. Passely. He seemed strict and intimidating. After some time, my impression changed, I found him approachable and felt relieved to have him teach me biology. I also admire the teachings and felt it was potentially benefitting. I liked his technique of making us draw out what we learned. I found that most effective in understanding. I definitely envision him as a part-time educator in Africa. He always emits the sense to help others, especially the youth, and to educate them. Mr. Passely has done something similar in our school, ISG Jubail. During WOW Week, he spent his time in a hospital teaching students about the fields of medicine and demonstrated the duties of a doctor or clinician.”

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