2016-17 ISG Jubail Yearbook


 ISG Jubail families and students can view the 224 pages of the 2016-17 ISG Jubail Yearbook online (ISG Jubail login is required):


What is the yearbook?

The yearbook is a 224-page, hard-cover, full-color memory book designed entirely by a group of around 15 middle school and high school students. For the past two years, these 15 students have volunteered once per week for 80 minutes after school beginning in August and continuing through June. They work on the project for long hours outside of school. The yearbook students work incredibly diligently during the year (on the order of 1,500+ hours among the team) to create a book representing our community’s story during the school year. Throughout the process, students learn A LOT about A LOT of things (e.g. basic journalistic writing skills, design and photography and interviewing skills, teamwork, how to plan and manage an immense project, how to meet deadlines, editing, revising, desktop publishing, marketing and sales, accounting, etc.)!