One Team, “Spirit Week”, We Scream!

One Team, “Spirit Week”, We Scream!

Digital Journalism 8 Class

Teachers and students at ISG Jubail, in grades Pre Kindergarten to 12, celebrated and supported Me2We in Spirit Week during the week of October 29, 2017.

ES Halloween Costume

Dr. Hawkins, the Elementary School Counselor, believes that Spirit Week is a time for students to be encouraged to interact with each other and show their school spirit. Students dress in fun clothes specific to the topic for the day for example, Sunday students dressed in yellow to show friendship, Tuesday, the day everyone looked forward to was pajama (PJ) day and/or Halloween costumes.

ES Twins

Me2We sponsored our Spirit Week to build local community. Me2We is a broad organization that focuses on changing people’s mindset from one’s self to others. Any school around the world can participate, we have been participating for 6 years under the guidance of Second Grade Teacher, Mrs. Tenzythoff. “ME to WE … empower(s) each of us to make the world a better place.” (

MS Halloween Costumes

This years Spirit Week promoted school spirit by the students displaying their pride by wearing clothing that illustrated important values like compassion, friendship, originality and empathy.  

We spoke to a few students in the middle school.  Jackson thought, “Spirit Week was a good way for students to collaborate and get to know each other”. “It was fun because it was the first time I participated”, stated Ayah.

HS Triplets

This year, Spirit Week was promoted with posters in the hallway, advertised on social media, and a brief announcement on Jaquar TV. Next year some 

recommendations to get MS/HS students more involved would be a segment on Jaguar TV, announced by homeroom teachers, and emails. Prizes could be awarded to those students who present photos of themselves showing school spirit.

Thank you to all of those who participated. We are really looking forward seeing your SPIRIT next year.

Photo credits: Husein, Grade 11